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"When you can get a glimpse of what is going on in the market, you'll be able to jump on a new trend and get ahead of your competition."
- Kerry Desberg, Owens Corning

"I think networking outside your industry is critical to keep the flow of new ideas coming into your mind, and your organization."
- Jim McComb, Bank of America

"The network of relationships between people, is absolutely critical to operate with speed across geographies and business silos."
- Polly Pearson, EMC Corporation

"Networking is a lifeline to being successful and to helping your group achieve your goals. You have to have a fresh perspective."
- Eric Thomas, Novell

"It's very valuable to go outside your own industry to look at the skills and value-added processes from other areas, to see what people in other industries are doing."
- Dennis Deering, Diebold, Inc.

"I find it very invigorating to learn from others and adapt ideas from others, rather than always assuming our way is the best way."
- Larry Quinlan, Deloitte

"This is terrific. Content curation along these lines is a great help."
- Rich Kylberg, Arrow

"The book summaries and articles are excellent added benefits."
- Anne Marie Tedesco, CitiBank